Who's LarJ?
LarJ (pronounced "LAR-jay" or "LARGE A") is my nickname. My friend, Beanca, gave it to me in middle school and it has stuck ever since! My real name is Larianne (pronounced "lah-ree-YAN"). My husband, who is my second shooter and assistant, is named Roody.

Things I like to do:
Well, photography, obviously! Haha. I also like to watch Neflix. I'm so embarrassed that that's my #2 thing, but it's true! I also loooovvee a good church service. Hearing wisdom imparted through true men or women of God lifts my spirits. Plus, laughing and dancing like a mad woman.

My dream client:
One who laughs ALMOST as much as I do. One who values photography. One who is true to him/herself and will allow me the honor of capturing his/her personality.

Jesus Christ. My husband, Roody Tide... I also love Jasmine Star with all my heart. She inspired me to reSTARt my business. I also admire Sal Cincotta, Sue Bryce, and my friend, Abegail Domond. All of those photographers have helped me discover my true photographic style.