Who's LarJ?
LarJ (pronounced "LAR-jay" or "LARGE A") is my nickname. My friend, Beanca, gave it to me in middle school and it has stuck ever since! My real name is Larianne (pronounced "lah-ree-YAN"). My husband, who is my second shooter and assistant, is named Roody.

Things I like to do:
Well, photography, obviously! I'm also a crochet addict. I learned to crochet when I was 5 and decided to turn my skill into a side business. It helps me relax and keeps me busy (as if raising two under two isn't keeping me busy enough). I'm also obsessed with YouTube and watch more YouTube videos than TV.

My dream client:
One who laughs ALMOST as much as I do. One who values photography. One who is true to him/herself and will allow me the honor of capturing his/her personality.

Since giving birth to my second son, Jonathan, I've been more driven than I've ever been in my entire life. He and his older brother, Jaden, and my number one inspiration. They made me want to be the best business owner that I can be, so that they can have a secure future.