Deriesha + Michael | Engagement Session \\ Beardsley Park, Bridgeport, CT

May 28, 2014  •  7 Comments

Say hello to Deriesha & Michael. We met up at Beardsley Park in Bridgeport, CT for a golden-hour engagement session. I had never been to that park before, and I was quite nervous. But as soon as I entered the park, my nerves were gone and that feeling was replaced with excitement--it was the perfect location for a portrait session! These two lovebirds are getting married exactly ONE MONTH from today!! I have a cute little love story (from Michael's point of view) for you to enjoy:



Deriesha and Michael's Engagement SessionDeriesha and Michael's Engagement SessionBeardsley Park, Bridgeport, CT

It was Saturday, October 29th, 2011. It happened to be the night of the first snow of the season. Michael was working at Dunkin' Donuts at the time. DeeDee, who apparently had always gone to this particular one to study and read, came in that night not long after Michael started his shift. He had never seen her before. But as she came in, his co-worker who had seen her in there previously, said jokingly, "Mike, that's you right there. She likes to read and all that." So having been single for a while, it raised his senses just a little, to just try and start up a conversation with her.

Deriesha & Michael's Engagement SessionDeriesha & Michael's Engagement SessionBeardsley Park, Bridgeport, CT

Mike served her a cup of coffee, and she sat down. Looking for a conversation starter, he asked her if she was a student and told her that they offer a 10% student discount. They then begin talking about school, which led to their interests, etc. Because the weather was so bad that night, no one else really came in the store, which allowed Mike to focus his attention on her as he cleaned the store. They talked for about 3-4 hours until Mike finally worked up enough courage to ask DeeDee out on a date. He invited her to a show he was performing in on the following Friday, and then dinner afterwards. They exchanged numbers, Facebook accounts, and she left shortly after. They texted a little that night. 


Deriesha and Michael's Engagement SessionDeriesha and Michael's Engagement SessionBeardsley Park, Bridgeport, CT


When Mike received a text from DeeDee again the next morning, he took that opportunity to invite her to church. They saw each other for the next 3 days, all before their originally scheduled first date. From the start, they always enjoyed each others company. Their first official date was that Friday after his show, he helped her move into her new apartment on the following day, and the rest is history.

I put together this slideshow. It's kind of adorable. If you want to see more photos from their engagement session, be sure to check it out!
See you in a month, love birds! :)
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Whitney Lane(non-registered)
So fun! and wow that ring!!
Liesl Diesel(non-registered)
wow that is just the most gorgeous couple! congratulations to them, beautiful photos!
Tosha Devonn(non-registered)
Beautiful session! They are just too cute together!
I love the slideshow! It was cute. Congrats to the both of you and best wishes.
Absolutely beautiful couple!
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