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Gemima + John | Engagement Session \\ Binney Park, Old Greenwich, CT

March 28, 2016  •  4 Comments

To me, engagement sessions are a dress rehearsal for my client's wedding portraits. I get to tease them and give them all the "rules." I also "teach" them how to kiss haha. Clients are generally shy because they've most likely never had to kiss and be lovey-dovey in front of someone else's camera. On top of that, they're in the middle of planning the biggest day of their lives--the day they commit themselves to God in front of their friends and family--and so this serves as a break from the stress of said planning.

Well, Gemima & John are a little different. They're already married! They had a private wedding a few months ago and are now in the process of planning a celebration for their friends and family to enjoy. So naturally, I expected them to be over the shyness. But NOPE! They were just as shy haha. Enough of my blabber. Let's get into the photos and juicy details, shall we? :) Here are Gemima's words:


"After agreeing to get married when we were planning on moving in together, all fairytale dreams about a well planned out and romantic proposal were basically out of the door. But to me following the plan that God had in store for us was much better than a romantic engagement. We did not feel comfortable living together without being married and we made the decision to get married and take things slowly before buying the ring and following the traditional sequence of how everything usually occurs."

Gemima & John's Engagement SessionGemima & John's Engagement SessionBinney Park, Old Greenwich, CT

"After knowing each other for over ten years and getting serious about four years ago, there was nothing that made me doubt that we had made the right decision. So after my husband got a new job and started a new career, we started talking about the ring. We were also in the process of planning our wedding so money was pretty tight. On Friday before Valentine's Day, my husband spent four hours at the mall trying to find the perfect ring. To his dismay, (and later mine) he did not purchase the ring that day."

Gemima & John's Engagement SessionGemima & John's Engagement SessionBinney Park, Old Greenwich, CT

"About two weeks later, we went to the place where he had found the perfect ring for me and I got to see what he was going to purchase. It was beautiful! I was so happy. We purchased my engagement ring and wedding band and purchased his wedding band on the same day. Then, we had to wait two and a half weeks for resizing. That was a lifetime to me because I had waited so patiently for my ring. My ring finally came in but he was away for work and he told me to wait."

Gemima & John's Engagement SessionGemima & John's Engagement SessionBinney Park, Old Greenwich, CT

"On Friday, March 18, 2016 in our dining room with my sister filming, my husband got down on one knee and proposed to me by asking, 'Will you stay married to me?' Then, he put the ring on my finger and I felt like a million bucks. The look in his eyes and his genuine smile made everything special to me. It wasn't exactly what I pictured an engagement would look like but it was perfect for the both of us. Now we are both sporting our rings and planning our wedding for this summer."

Gemima & John's Engagement SessionGemima & John's Engagement SessionBinney Park, Old Greenwich, CT No lie, I almost started crying when I finished reading the story after she e-mailed it to me. I'm telling you, I hear THE cutest love stories ever <3​


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1.Donna Beck(non-registered)
I love the connection between these two, you captured it beautifully. Gorgeous engagement session!
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