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Hello, family members! Welcome to my website. It would be great if you left comments on pictures you recognize of yourself stating your name and family line (Wilson, Hume, etc.) so that others may be able to identify with who you are. Feel free to make any other comments to help us remember what exactly was going on in the photograph on our special day.

Remember, downloads are FREE. If you'd like to order prints, please send me an e-mail requesting the coupon code for the family discount of 25% off!

Please sign the guestbook below!


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Guestbook for 2012
6.Leslie J Hume & Jacqueline P Hume [Nee Rodgers](non-registered)
Great photos... all seemed to have had a wonderful time...
We seem to have missed out big time... can't wait for the next one.

Warmest greetings and best wishes to all the family, near and far.

May the Force be with ALL the family everywhere. Live very long and prosper!!

5.Delroy & Aileen Hume(non-registered)
Great photos Larianne! Thank you for your time and effort in making them available to us all. They serve as a wonderful reminder of the happy, enjoyable and even hilarious time that we had. It was a pleasure meeting new family members and seeing familiar ones again. We are grateful to everybody for coming and making it a most memorable experience. This was a weekend well spent!
4.Donneth Gayle-Goffe(non-registered)
On behalf of my family and I, it was truly a pleasure for us to have joined you and yours in this festive and beautiful moment. Families are forever!!
3.noel ottey(non-registered)
2.pandora ottey(non-registered)
reunion 2012
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