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TGI Friday's Review \\ Milford, MA

August 17, 2014  •  1 Comment

Roody & I have been traveling to MA frequently because I got a job second shooting for another wedding photography company. They shoot all over the US, but they get a lot of clients in Massachusetts. It's a lot of driving, and I feel badly that I have to leave Roody in the car while I shoot haha, but the fact that we get to spend quality time with each other makes me really happy. Plus, I hope to be promoted to First Shooter next year.

We usually stay in a nice hotel (because we want to) and then eat at a restaurant that Foursquare recommends to us. Since I just bought the Nikon D800, I feel like a new photographer again. Upgrading from a D90 (in 2011) to a D7000 (in 2013) to a D800 is really cool. I'm so proud of all our accomplishments, and I have God to thank for every single moment of it. Anyway, I took the D800 to the restaurant with me and asked for permission to shoot because I thought I'd have to use flash. Turns out that shooting at ISO 3200 f/2.8 was no problem for my baby. The pictures look like film. I'm so in love!

TGI Friday'sTGI Friday'sMilford, MA Roody and I are of age, so we get alcoholic beverages sometimes when we go out. Foursquare recommended the Double Berry Mojito shaker, so Roody got it. It wasn't that tasty. Roody doesn't like fruit chunks, so he didn't appreciate the blueberries.

I got the Barbados Rum Punch. Waaaaaay too strong for my liking. I don't do the whole let's-get-drunk thing. That's overdoing it. So for all the Christians out there who like to enjoy a cocktail every once in a while, that is NOT the drink for you. I had to let the ice melt and mix in the water like crazy. And it was still very strong.


TGI Friday'sTGI Friday'sMilford, MA I wanted to get pot stickers for my appetizers, but Roody wanted us to get the Friday's Pick Three for All. We went with the Garlic Parmesan Boneless Chicken Wings, Pan-seared Pot Stickers, and Loaded Potato Skins. The wings were cold. I don't know why we didn't tell our waitress. I guess we thought it was ok to just eat it. Please don't be as stupid as we were. Cold food is usually a sign that the food isn't fresh--as in, it was left out. It might make you sick. *coughROODYcough*


TGI Friday'sTGI Friday'sMilford, MA Our appetizers could have just served as our meal. I knew it would be way too much food for little me, but I still went and ordered more. Like a fatty. Ugh. Roody got the Jack Daniel's Ribs & Shrimp without the Shrimp. He got the sweet potato fries and mac & cheese as his sides. The mac & cheese was mehhh.


TGI Friday'sTGI Friday'sMilford, MA I got a half-rack of Baby Back Ribs. It was really smokey, and it tasted nice. I just couldn't finish it haha.







Roody: 4.5
Larianne: 5

Roody: 0.5
Larianne: 3

Roody: 4
Larianne: 4

Roody: 4
Larianne: 4

Would you eat there again?

Roody: Not at that one again, but I would eat at another TGI Friday's.
Larianne: Yes, but I would order something I've never had before.

The funny thing is that we went to this same TGI Friday's back in March with some friends and really enjoyed it. I don't know what happened this time. Maybe it was because we went at 11:30 PM? Last time we went at 3 PM. We'll be back in MA in a couple weeks. Hope to try out another restaurant then!


Oooo... loving that ISO!
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