Larianne's 30th Birthday ShootLarianne's 30th Birthday ShootBridgeport, CT


CAPACITY means that I have reached the target number of bookings for the month in order to get everyone their photos in time for their Birthday. When I reach capacity, I will still squeeze a couple more bookings in based on my availability. Due to the fact that this would be considered overtime, the pricing increases. So it's best to lock in your session before I reach capacity for the month.


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CLOSED means that I have reached the booking maximum, and I cannot take any more bookings. Missing a deadline is not an option for me or my clients, and I pride myself in being able to send images back in a timely manner. If I still have the date open in my calendar, you may still book a session but please note that package prices at this point are significantly higher. Is double overtime a thing? Because that's what would be happening here.


Tiara's 21st Birthday ShootTiara's 21st Birthday ShootFlushing, Queens


Just So You Know...

How do I know if you're at capacity or closed?
Follow me on Instagram! The info in my bio is updated regularly.


What if you're at capacity or closed and I want to book a portrait session that isn't a birthday shoot?
We're still in overdrive, so you would will still get capacity/closed pricing. Book early, my friend. Don't wait!


If I booked when you're at capacity or closed, would that change the turnaround to get my pictures back?
No, the turnaround time is the same (about 1 week). My team and I are just working our little booties off to get you your photos back in time. That's all :)
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If you have any other questions, please feel free to DM or e-mail me: [email protected]


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