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Questions About Portrait Photography

Q. What are digital proofs?
A. Digital proofs are web-sized images with LarJ's watermark. They are color-corrected, but not retouched. Basically, they're not meant to be the "final product."

Q. What kind of products do you offer?
A. I'm focused on selling prints, photo books and canvases. Prices for those items range from $30-$340. It's up to you to decide what you'd like to walk away with from my photo session.

Q. How do I go about ordering products?
A. All viewing and sales are done in person. Weeks after your shoot, I come to your house to show you your gallery of professionally edited images. You select the ones you want to purchase as prints, canvases, etc. Depending on the kind of shoot, I might even offer you custom-made art pieces that you may or may not want to purchase. Everything you order gets shipped to your doorstep. Read more about it here.

Q. Will I have an online gallery?
A. Yes. You will able to view all your purchased images online.

Q. Am I able to order online?
A. Yes, but I recommend doing it person. In person ordering is discounted. But all options are also available online for purchase.

Q. Will I get a CD of images?
A. I no longer offer CD's. You will be able to download images from a separate gallery.

Q. How soon will my pictures be on Facebook?
A. The images that you purchase will go up on my blog and Facebook within a few days of your in-person viewing session.

Any other questions? Feel free to shoot me an e-mail!

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