Custom Presentation Boxes + Professional Prints

Artsy Couture's custom presentation boxCustom Presentation BoxRibbon & filling included in packaging :) Let us package your prints beautifully using the Custom Packaging Boxes.

Artsy Couture's custom presentation boxProfessional PrintsKodak Endura. Lustre & Metallic options available. We use a professional photo lab that guarantees that your photographs will be produced just like how we envisioned them when we created the photographs. Once you see and understand the difference between using a regular lab and using a pro lab, you will appreciate the quality that comes from a professional photo lab. Not only can we produce high-quality prints, but we also have options available to suit your different style preferences. Lustre, metallic and textured effects can be applied to your photos, giving them that extra pop that you're looking for. Our lab's expert team can also mount the photos in a variety of ways to enhance how they are displayed.


CollageWall Displays

Bay Photo Lab's CollageWall displayCollageWall Display

Supported by a grid of push-in pegs, CollageWall® pictures hang aligned and stay level. Installation is fast and fool-proof with the included template. And you can add, remove and rearrange pictures in seconds. Like our Clusters, these displays use individual images on each panel.

Bay Photo Lab's CollageWall displayCollageWall Display

You have your choice of a Lustre, Glossy, or Metallic Surface, mounted on black-edged 2mm masonite. An optional Lustre or Glossy Coating can be added to help protect the surfaces of the prints.


Layflat Press Books

Miller's Lab 8x8 Layflat Press Book Let us package your photo book in our upscale Boutique Packaging.

Miller's Lab 8x8 Layflat Press Book Miller's Lab 8x8 Layflat Press Book It’s made with quality materials like genuine leather and the heaviest hinged paper on the market, and bound so that when opened, it lays flat.

Miller's Lab 8x8 Layflat Press BookCover Stamping Add cover stamping in gold or silver to standard leathers. Choose from Alana Pro or Garage Gothic font. Up to three lines of text can be stamped on the cover (28 characters per line) in the lower center or lower right corner of the album cover.

Miller's Lab 8x8 Layflat Press BookBonded Leather The bonded line features strands of leather that have been bonded together. Miller's Lab 8x8 Layflat Press BookHigh Quality paper

This paper utilizes a patented built-in hinge that allows for the book pages to lay flat when opened. Gloss & Pearl also available.

Product descriptions by Artsy Couture, Bay Photo Lab, and Millers Professional Imaging.