The Photography by LarJ Rewards Program was created with our clients in mind. This program is designed to give back as a "thank you" and to help us create a stronger client/photographer bond with fun incentives and special giveaways.

First things first: Click this link to register.

Secondly, here are a few ways to earn Points:

Social Actions

Join the LarJ Rewards Club Group Chat on Telegram to earn an additional 50 points. Social Actions will be posted when new public offers are available--like Mini Sessions and Special Promos. Every time you share the offer on your social media, you earn points! There are other ways to earn points, too, but joining this Group Chat will earn you points the fastest.

Client Referrals

I thrive on referrals (and great reviews). So as a thank you for your referral, you will earn 25 Points for each client who books a session within 90 days of being referred, and then you will also earn 20% of the points your referral earned from their session.

Dollar-Based Points

Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend with us (pre tax). Your points will be calculated right after your In-Person Viewing Session. Then you can decide if you want to "Pay with your Points" for a discount, or you can keep racking up points to cash in on a big Reward.


Lastly, here are a few things you can do with your points:


Digital Files & Gift Prints are currently redeemable for 1750 & 2500 Points respectively. If it seems like that's a lot of points, that's because it is! But guess what--we plan to give away points regularly. And with our average client's spending, it shouldn't be too difficult to hit 2k.

Free Sessions

We love a free session. You can redeem your points for a Waived Mini Session Fee, or a 1-Hour Session with or without make up. Keep in mind that these sessions do not include any images, so you would have to purchase your images during the In-Person Viewing Session when we're done shooting.

Studio Rental

Yes, photographers. This Rewards Program is for you, too. We do plan to add Creative Lab tickets and Tide & True Education courses for redemption in the future, too. So now is a great time to start racking up points!

That's all I've got for now! Again, here are the important links:

Sign up for the program

Join the Group Chat

Download the Kangaroo App
iPhone App | Android App

Happy Point-Collecting! :)